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We specialize in pink and white powder

High quality products guaranteed

In beauty salon, we will find a complete lineup of cosmetic service which in essence has been divided to facials, manicure, massages, pedicure, waxing, and many more. Some people will decide to go to a beauty salon when they want to get more appreciation by others that currently standing near them. And at the same time, beauty salon is a place where the sense of beauty will be applied to our body, which in turn made it to have more pleasing appearance.

nail polish

Manicure & Pedicure

Specializing in manicure and pedicure nail sculpture. We offer cosmetic treatment of your hands and feet such as cutting, trimming, shaping, and painting.

kneading and relaxation

~Traditional Pedi

~Sea-Salt Pedi

~Deluxe Pedi



Special Packages

Relaxation of the muscle through the method of rubbing and kneading to relieve pain or tension

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